HOCATT& Cryolipolysis


HOCATT (Ozone Sauna)

Only R400 Per Session

(May assist you with the following)

  • Major Illnesses assisting the body with:
    CANCER OF ANY KIND, HIV, Diabetes, Blood Circulation, impaired vision, liver, kidney, pancreas, and colon disease.

  • Other Diseases:
    Stress, Asthma, Cold, Flu, Depression, Sports injuries, Heartburn, Eczema, Cellulite, anti-aging, low energy, gout, infections, Sinusitis, Varicose veins, Allergies, Constipation, Sleeping Disorder.

  • Skin Diseases:
    Bacterial, Fungal, Viral Infections, bedsores, bad healing ulcers, diabetic foot, minor and extensive burns.

  • Stimulation of Oxygen Metabolism:
    Increase oxygen partial pressure of the peripheral venous blood up to 25%

  • Muscle-Skeleton System Disorders:
    Rheumatic diseases, Degenerative diseases of the skeleton, musculature arthritis, myositis, tendinitis, and muscle spasm prolapsed disc.

  • Cardiovascular System disorder:
    Angio-neuropathy, coronary vascular insufficiency, migraine, hypertension peripheral vascular disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, peripheral vascular disease, Peripheral blood flow due to arterial occlusive disease angiopathy.


Only R500 per session follow up session R350

(Only 1 section of the body per session)

  • Freeze fat away with cryo Laser-Lipo Slimming Technology.

  • The latest fat-loss technology can reduce up to 26% of fat in a treatment.

  • Remove stubborn fat that is immune to diet and exercise.

  • For Slimming and reshaping

  • For Cellulite removal.

  • For skin rightening.

  • Improve blood circulation